Dolnicks Furniture Ryan Dolnick Testimonial

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Ryan Dolnick:

Hi, my name is Ryan Dolnick, the President of Dolnick's Furniture. I'm from St. Louis, Missouri and we were a contemporary furniture store, about 20,000 square feet. When we decided to close the store in November of 2014, we started to do some research. I called many of my friends that have gone out of business over the years and they seemed to come back to one [unintelligible 00:00:28] company, named PFP. I interviewed two companies besides PFP. I felt when I interviewed PFP, they were the most professional and that they were mainly dealing with larger companies and that the larger dealers were trusting PFP, and that would be where I'd want to go. After meeting with Tom, I felt comfortable and signed the contract with him after about two weeks.

Within a week, Barry Rosenberg came in, set up the sale, and had up up and running within 30 days. They brought in a sales staff that was very professional and they got along with the current staff. Within the first two weeks, started meeting the numbers that were promised. There was very few loss in the sale as we went along. Kept on hitting the benchmarks as what they had anticipated. By the end of the close of the sale, we had done a year's and a half worth of business in three months. We were very pleased, were paid as promised. The showroom and everything was sold out almost completely, almost a half a truck left. They took off our hands and we left with a clean showroom, closed the business.

With the company being in my last name, it was important that every single customer was taken care of by the end of the sale and that we had no loose ends. I'm very happy and I've had zero negative responses from the customers after the sale. I would highly recommend PFP to anybody who was considering closing their business or running a promotion sales. All the promises that were made in beginning were met and all the money that was promised was paid.