A heartfelt letter from a PFP client (don’t miss this one)

A heartfelt letter from a PFP client (don’t miss this one)

At PFP, we normally prefer recorded testimonials from our clients, but this letter came unsolicited and we feel like it speaks volumes about what potential clients can expect from PFP.

Dale had some unique challenges to navigate and we're pleased that we were able to help. We would like to thank Mr. Dale B, for this heartfelt letter. 

After almost 23 years in business I was forced into closing my proud family business. With debt creeping up and consumers waiting on product, I received and email from Tom Liddell almost a year ago now asking if PFP could be of any assistance. Thru a mutual friend my phone later rang and we spoke for quite some time. Although hesitant and terrified by horror stories and previous experience with other promotional companies I made the decision to hire PFP to close Carolina Furniture Inc. Here is what I found out.

The organization PFP is compiled primarily of other former furniture store owners, families from generations to generations, and business professional. There was no fast hit and leave approach.

The sale started with a methodical inventory that was very well detailed, the project manager kept assuring me there was no issues and look at the big picture of the end game of volume and profit.

As pressure increased with consumers that were waiting on special order merchandise the office staff worked on developing a system within our system on how to handle the back log and make consumers whole. Time continued to go by and expenses were as well. I showed for work every day trying to fit on and seen expenses going up and began to wonder if I had made the mother of all mistakes.

Finally after inventory was proper, secured, the floor was loosened some and a warehouse was secure, the sale started. 

The project manager on staff was Steve Cosenza, and the Office lead was Linda Ruscio. In a non-air conditioned office they began to grind, plan and execute.

Steve led the staff and warehouse as well as assisted in every facet of the operation. It was weird for me seeing someone in my store doing exactly what I have done for over 2 decades. I vowed to work and assist but not get in the way. I speak the highest for Steve (and Rocky) to his work ethic and demeanor. I could not have asked for a better project manager to run this sale. I also wanted to thank the Lord that he sent me a man of faith. Steve worked relentlessly day in and day out until the sale ended on July 17th at 1 a.m... On July 18th, I felt obligated to put my suit on and go to work despite the store being closed. Steve was there. I thought for sure it would just be me!! I must thank the PFP officers for recognizing my position and fitting me with what has to be one of your top Project managers within the company.

Linda Ruscio in my opinion saves PFP in cost avoidance tens of thousands of dollars weekly. Linda taught me to slow down and look methodically into things instead of my run and gun approach. She counted pennies and turned them into dollars and dollars into thousands by her follow thru. The ability to complete her work, hold the rest of the staff accountable to properly do their work and follow thru was impeccable. Linda, no matter how busy she was, always found the time to talk to me morning, noon, or night. I witnessed her doing the same with the staff. I observed Linda’s work ethic and it showed me that through efficiencies, there is only one way to do things, the right way. So methodical, honest, determined and trustworthy, she saved the company from big mistakes that I would have made and was a huge impact on calming nerves in a very sticky situation. She is an asset to the PFP staff and her salary is paid alone through the money she saves in working efficiently, not to speak of the rest of what she brings to the table.

Tom Liddell was always here on the phone to assist me and guide me through payables and problems that I needed a second opinion on. Tom seemed to say the right things in a fashion that made it easy to work with. Tom’s approach to things, no matter how I hit him, was very professional and I can’t say enough of his bed side manner in which he handles delicate subjects.

Finally, Frankie. I don’t know Frankie’s last name, but he was the universal fix it guy, mechanic when needed, etc etc. Frank’s well is in his hands and knowledge of tools. He saves tons of money to the company, making the sale more profitable. 

In conclusion, from start to finish, although the sale did not profit what I had hoped (not PFP’s fault, I had a bigger backlog than I thought) I can proudly say to any of my Furniture First friends and store owners across the nation. There is only one company that should ever be hired for cash-raising events as well as unfortunate store closings. PFP.

Thank you so much for clearing the deck with my consumers, the bank and helping me cure. It is was an approach with some ripples, but calm waters leaving my family with a future both in the furniture business and outside.

Dale E. Bielicki
Father of 4
Former President of Carolina Furniture Inc.

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