Celebrating Gene Rosenberg’s (PFP Founder) induction into the American Furniture Hall of Fame

Celebrating Gene Rosenberg’s (PFP Founder) induction into the American Furniture Hall of Fame

Celebrating Gene Rosenberg’s (PFP Founder) induction into the American Furniture Hall of Fame

Our founder, Mr. Gene Rosenberg, was inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame in October. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the celebration in High Point.

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Paul Cohen, Co-Founder of PFP, viewing one of the many tributes to Gene.

A large group of friends visited Gene to celebrate his induction and watch the video from the ceremony. Gene has received hundreds of letters of congratulations as well. Those who are lucky enough to know Gene, know he is a very humble gentleman and was extremely touched by the outpouring of praise that he has received. Shown in the photo (L to R): Mark Bannon, Burt Homonoff, Rob Rosenberg, Gene Rosenberg,

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