Home Comfort Furniture John Gunter PFP Planned Furniture Promotions Testimonial

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by John Gunther:
My name's John Gunther, I'm president of Home Comfort Furniture in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have or had four stores and Raleigh Research Triangle area here in North Carolina. I've been in business, I didn't just mention it for 32 years and direct 33rd year when we began the going out of business event. Well, I chose Planned Furniture Promotions because some 17 years ago when I wanted to close a store that we had in Wilmington in North Carolina that had been operating for about five years. I wanted to exit the Wilmington market and actually lease the building to another furniture retailer in the Wilmington area.
I asked my dad Jim Gunter, at the time was president of Royal Furniture maybe for some suggestions about how to accomplish that. My dad suggested that I call Roy Hester of Planned Furniture Promotion and that they were good people and would do a very good job of helping me close the Wilmington location. Some 17, 18 years ago I did just that, Rory came to the Wilmington net met at the store the outline and a form of a pro forma what to expect and what would take place. I gave them the key and they professionally managed the closing of that location. I was very pleased with what Planned Furniture Promotion and their staff accomplished in Wilmington some years ago.
In the fall of 2016 I'd come to the point where I wanted to retire from the retail furniture business and picked up the phone once again and called Roy of Planned Furniture Promotions. Roy and Tom LaDell in Kansas we sat down and they asked me what were my goals, what I want to accomplish during the event and I told them that I wanted to retire. Our business at the time was very good, it was not a distressed situation but I just reached the point where it was personally a time for me to retire.
I wanted to protect the name of home comfort furniture in our market to do right by not only our employees but all our customers in a very organized, professional way wind down the business that we'd spent 32 years building. PSP team arrived in Raleigh the end of June they showed up at personally and told all of our employees in a group meeting what was going to take place, introduced Roy Hester to our employees as one of the principals of Planned Furniture Promotions or their professional sales promotion specialists, professionals. They are going to help us close the stores and in the going out of business sale.
With Laurie and with staff from PSP with their help we spent July and August operating business as usual in a concert with their people and our people came together as our team over that period time as we conducted business almost as usual while we prepared for the final 90 day push and the going out of business event. Then right after Labor Day we began to sale, the go out of business sale. It ended in the first half of December of 2017. From the day the PSP people and their PSP team arrived I was impressed with the professionalism, how well did they worked with all of our long term employees.
Were able over that preparatory period of July and August developing a team work approach to the task at hand. Much to my surprise and I was very gratified. A lot of our people once they were told what was going to take place, were able to meet that Planned Furniture Promotions team, they felt comfortable in what had been outlined to them as what was going to take place and most of them stayed, worked hand in hand with the team members there that were brought in to help with the sale. We had excellent results. We were very pleased. In summary, I'd like to thank Planned Furnish Promotions and all of their team members, for professionally managing our going out of business sale as I retired from the furniture business. They were professional.
They were courteous to our employees. They were very courteous to customers, and developed an excellent relationship with both the customers and employees. Their experience in the furniture business and in running this type of high impact promotion was crucial to the success of our event. I'm very pleased with the outcome of our going out of business retirement event.
Would feel very comfortable in recommending to anyone looking to engage Planned Furnish Promotions, PFP, in any high impact event. They're professional. They do what they say they're going to do. They're trustworthy. I feel very confident that if engaged, they will perform and that the client, the retailer, will be very happy at the end of the day.