Jim Heune of The Furniture Company Testimonial

My name is Jim Heune.  I live in Wilmington, North Carolina.  I’ve been in the furniture business for thirty-eight years.  I had a family owned furniture here in Wilmington that we started in 1996.  We were a full-line store, a medium-priced ranged store…Kincaid; Bassett….that was our primary focus.

As with most things, we’ll be turning sixty-seven this next July, and my son did not want to continue with the business.  We talked with a number of experts in disposing of assets and met with PFP and several others.  At the end of the day, PFP, in my estimation, was the right fit for our company.

We started the sale last Fall, and the sale ended in late January or early February.  The sale far exceeded my expectations.  Every number that I was quoted from the onset of the conversation by Roy Hester was exceeded.  I was completely happy with the management team that was at our location.  They did everything they said they would do, and left the store swept clean.  They handled themselves in a very professional manner.  We had no customer complaints, no issues, and  no disputes.  Everybody hated to see us go.   We had no contentious situations throughout the entire event.  I’d hire them again and recommend them to anyone else that needs to either have an event to raise cash or go out of business as we chose to do.  Anyone can feel free to call, and I’ll be glad to discuss the event with them in depth.