Jim Van Pelt, Baker Furniture Company Testimonial

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would
you say?

Jim Van Pelt, Baker Furniture Company

My name is Jim Van Pelt, President of Baker Furniture Company. A small family furniture business located in Cramerton, NC just about 12 miles west of Charlotte, NC and we just recently selected Planned Furniture Promotions to do a retirement/going out of business sale. After interviewing several different promotional companies, we were very impressed with the people at Planned Furniture Promotions and they were very professional, actually most impressive, so we decided to use their company after we had interviewed seven additional companies.

We had a phenomenal sales event and it masterminded by a team lead by Mr. John Coffey. His team really did a magical job. So impressed from the beginning to the end, it was a consistent, professional event.

I would have to extend our highest recommendations to Planned Furniture Promotions because from the beginning to the end Planned Furniture Promotions actually surpassed all of our expectations. It allowed our company and our family to retire our business in the most pleasant way and a most respectfully manner. So we were just delighted the way the event ended, the way it started and everything in between. It was just exceptional.