John Bognar River Park Testimonial for PFP

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by John Bognar:

My name is John Bognar and my wife and I, Wendy Bognar, are the owners of River Park Furniture, which is in Southern Indiana. Our business has been there since 1945. It's a family operation. We are a full service store in that we sell all home furnishings; a medium price point.

My wife and I both promised each other that we would retire the year we turned 70 and we both turn 70 this year. We both felt that we paid a lot of dues in the form of time, built the business, we have a very good name in the community for home furnishings.

We ended up on PFP mostly by recommendations. One other store here in town used them and they were very, very happy with PFP. I have another friend who lives in Illinois who used them. His father in-law sold his business and used them as GOB people and he thought very, very highly of them.

Eliminating some of the others that we really didn't care for, it was pretty obvious that they were the best. At least in our minds it seemed like they were the best to handle our Going Out of Business sale. We ended up being really, really pleased. They lived up to all of our expectations. Ed Hendon was great and Roy Hester who had set this all up for us.

I got to tell that I don't know that we could have been more satisfied or been happier with anybody else. If we had to do it all over again, we would have chosen him especially on the basis of the experience we had with him. Extremely professional, good with our customers, took care of our customers well and really saved our reputation to the point where it was done exactly the way we would have wanted it to be done.

Ihave to tell you the atmosphere of our store wasn't at all like the atmosphere that was during the GOB. Our business was never a powerful promotion like that. It was always a slow process of dealing with decorating and dealing with customers two and three times.

The change was that easy for me just to envision and for Wendy to envision. I have to say that after just two, or three weeks, four weeks into it, we totally adapted to how successful they were at what they did. It was not a problem. In fact, I felt more like staying out of their way than being anything a part of it.

Our customers seemed to come in right at the very beginning of the sale. We were able talk to them and they were all congratulating us, all glad for us, but actually sorry to see us go, which really was not a sad thing for us, it was more of a complement. All in all, everybody that was there was really good. The sales people were tremendous and again the warehouse people, and the delivery guys, and of course Ed and Dave were great.

I'd be glad recommend them to anybody else that was going to have a GOB sale. Anybody that would want to call me, I'll be glad to tell them everything I know. I can't imagine anybody being better.