John Rossi Baker Furniture PFP Testimonial

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by John Rossi:

Hi, I'm John Rossi from Bakers Country Furniture. A small furniture store in the middle of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Pretty nice, welcoming community. Bakers Furniture has been here for 207 years, being established in 1808. We're a really unique history. A lot of fun and a lot of great customers, lot of fond memory.

[inaudible 00:00:24] did a little research-- Well, actually a lot of research on companies that actually do help you close your business and we found PFP to be one of the strongest companies out there, and probably one of the finest companies that you could possibly work with. I have a lot of great memories. Had a great manager, James Goodwin. Did a wonderful job for me. He was very social and very cautious about our name, about our heritage, and our customer base.

We really think we've made the best choice. We feel that we had a very successful sale. We feel that Planned Furniture Promotions handled the sale very well as far as delivery to customers. Every aspect of the actual retail business that they handled was as good as I could expect or would be able to provide on my own. I really do appreciate what they've done for me and how they did it. The quantity of dollars that returned during this short period of time is absolutely amazing and I certainly appreciated every bit of it.

I, as a store owner, would recommend PFP to handle all your sales promotions in every aspect. Very professional people, very professional company. I don't think that you could find another company to handle such a situation as well as PFP. I certainly did respect them and I do believe they're the best.