Karen Sauers Colonial Modern Furniture Planned Furniture Promotions Testimonial

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Karen Sauers:

Hi, my name is Karen Sauers from Colonial Gallery, Colonial Modern Furniture. Our company was incorporated in 1965. We're located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. We chose Plan Furniture Promotions to run an event for our stores. We had two locations, one being an outlet store location and the other being our main store location. We did this because we were selling our outlet store location. We also had water damage on our main store location.

We chose PFP after we met in and interviewed with several other companies. We felt the most comfortable with PFP, their management team, and felt that they could do the best job for both of our locations. PFP came in and did everything that they had explained to us in advance. They were very professional, very easy to work with, stayed on top of everything, ran the events as if they were part of our family. They handled the customer service extremely well.

PFP ran the events with the highest integrity. They handled any customer complaint immediately and very professionally. They handled everything and our reputation stayed fully intact.

We are members of the community and that was very important to us. We would highly recommend Plan Furniture Promotions to any store for any event. They handled two different events for us. One was a store closing event, the other was a event that led up to a going out of business event. They handled them with the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend them to any other furniture store.