Katie Stevenson Leishmans of Santa Fe PFP Testimonial

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Katie Stevenson:

Hello, my name is Katie Stevenson. I was the sole owner of Leishmans of Santa Fe, which was a upskill furniture store in Santa Fe. We specialized in patio furniture. We had a very large Acronis gallery. Then, we did better apholstery and bedding. My husband and I had the store since 1995, so it'd have been 20 years, but my husband passed away three years ago and I had reached the point where I no longer wanted to be in business. It wasn't fun to do it without him, it was too hard to do it on my own and I chose to retire. I started looking for someone to do a going-out-of-business sale. I always understood that the best way to get rid of the furniture store, to sell it, so to speak, was piece by piece. I was looking for the best partner, if you will, for me to do the going-out-of-business sale with.

First, I got references and the Planned Furniture Promotions was one of the references that I got from within the industry, along with a couple of others. I interviewed Planned Furniture Promotions and some others, but clearly, Planned Furniture Promotions was the most professional presentation that I got. Tom Liddell was very good at presenting the product and at explaining what the company does. From my point of view, it had the most comprehensive service. Planned Furniture Promotions comes in and does everything. They take inventory, they help you price the product, they have sales staff to supplement yours, that was one of my critical problems, was not enough sales staff. They can just bring in what you don't have to make the event work. I found the people that I worked with from Planned Furniture Promotions all to be extremely professional and very competent at their jobs. I can't think how one could have run a better sale than what I had.

Also, they handled what I'm going to call the unique Santa Fe situation very well. Our clientele is very unusual; they're wealthy, they're highly educated, a lot of these were second homes. You can't hurry them with a sale, everyone had to adjust their sale tactics and their sales methods to our customer. Planned Furniture Promotions did so. Planned Furniture Promotions also suggested rugs and that was widely successful. I would certainly recommend Planned Furniture Promotions to a client in the future. I just don't think you could get a better fit and that would include whether you're someone like me who was very involved in the sale. They worked with me and I think we maximized the sale because of that, or in the case of someone who-- The more likely case in my situation is you'd have a widow with no knowledge of the business. I know Planned Furniture Promotions could come in and just take over and do the job for a family in that situation, which I'm sure often happens.