Louis Casey – Caseys Furniture Transcription

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would you say?

Louis Casey, Casey’s Furniture Incorporated

Good Morning this is Louis Casey I am President of Casey’s Furniture Incorporated in Temple, Texas in central Texas. Our 3rd generation furniture store which I have been basically running for the last 43 years. It was time for me to retire and I started looking at my option and had known about Planned Furniture Promotions to some degree but I had never met any of the principals. We did meet and came to an agreement and we are today in the final day of a very successful going out of business sale. I’m as I say am a 3rd generation resident of Temple. Have served in several leadership roles in the community and of course was very concerned about our reputation both as a business and personally and Planned Furniture Promotions has absolutely done everything I that asked them to do for me to exit this industry with a very professionally well done event.

We have during the event exceeded my top line expectations both in volume and in profitability. The crew here today the final day of this event is working just as hard today as they did the first day of the event. I have been astonished at their energy. I have been astonished at their capabilities and a tremendous amount of fun putting on this event. If you are ever looking for a partner to help you with a high impact event I can’t recommend PFP any higher. They have met all of my expectations. I look forward to being friends with the folks that help me do this event for the rest of my life. I would encourage you if ever you are looking for a partner look hard at PFP.

Thank you very much.