Marty Goffin of Michael’s Furniture Testimonial

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Marty Goffin, Michael’s Furniture, Boise, ID

The question poised to PFP clients is:  If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would you say?

We ran our going out of business sale this last one hundred and twenty days or so.  We had Planned Furniture Promotions come in and run the sale for us.  For us, it was an incredible experience in several aspects.   One was the manager that came in; in the beginning I thought was crazy for planning the overhead expenditure that he did.  That kind of set me back a little bit in the beginning, but after seeing the sale and the amount of volume that we did, we did more business in the first two days of doing the sale than I’d been doing in a month.

The people that he brought in were diligent, hard working, organized, and they really did an incredible job.  The advertising, however, not like what our store had been doing because of the going out of business mentality brought droves of people in.  About the time we’d think, “Oh, we’ve burnt out….we’re starting to die down in sales and traffic” it’d shift gears, change the ad a little bit, and all of a sudden we’re back rockin’ and rollin’ again.

It was incredible.  The whole thing was so organized and so well run from a sales standpoint.  My wife and I both got on the sales floor and earned commission as we went.  It was awesome.

They exceeded the expectations at a volume level…it was twice as much as I thought they could do.  Our market had been very hard hit by the economic situation, and we’d been struggling to get hardly any volume.  They came in and we sold three million dollars worth of furniture in ninety days.  For us that was huge.  The fact in the very end, we sold every single piece of furniture.  There was not one piece left.  The final day (which was supposed to be Monday until Midnight) we didn’t even have any furniture left after the weekend.  We’d sold every single item on Sunday.  Sunday was the last actual day.  We sold nine items Sunday, and we were done.