Marvin Sherman of Liberty Furniture Company Testimonial

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Marvin Sherman, President, Liberty Furniture Company, Jacksonville, FL

The question poised to PFP clients is:  If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would you say?

My name is Marvin Sherman, and I’m the president and owner of Liberty Furniture Company in Jacksonville, FL.  We’ve been in business for eighty-seven years, and I’ve been with the company for sixty of those years.

We have always handled good quality furniture and treated our customers well.  We needed to, with the economy as bad as it’s been, find someone to help us run a sale to close down our business, and we interviewed several companies.  We were recommended about a company called Planned Furniture Promotions.  A gentleman named Roy Hester, who is vice president of the company, came and proposed to us what they would do, how they would do, and how the sale would proceed.  We were very impressed with the presentation, and we checked his reputation and found it to be just as promised.  So, we selected them to run a sale and they set up a plan we thought was very interesting.  They knew what kind of business we had done in the past, and Mr. Hester was very confident in the fact that they would be able to meet the highest numbers we’d ever done in the past as far as with the sale, and I’ll tell you they did exactly as promised.

They had wonderful people.  They brought in people, they did the advertising, they had the sales people there, and they had the systems and everything.  We were very, very pleased with what the results were.  They had given us scenarios about how much business we could expect to do.  At the beginning we were a little shaky about whether they would do it or not.  They not only did what they proposed, they exceeded what they proposed, and did more business than anyone had expected.

We were concerned and wanted to make sure that our good name and our good reputation would not be tarnished with the sale that we ran, and we can tell anybody that is the case.  We can face anybody in our city and our area and say to them, “We did what was right.  You got your furniture, and you were treated fair and right, and we know you’ll be happy.”

Everywhere I’ve been since the sale is over, people have expressed the fact that they are sorry we are out of business now, and that they’ve enjoyed doing business for all these years with us.  We wanted to make sure that our good name and our reputation would not be tarnished with the treatment of our customers during the sale, and I’m happy to say that is the case.

We’d be very happy to talk to anyone who would like to ask about our experience and recommend them.  They were outstanding people.  They treated our customers very fairly.  We had customers who were very pleased, and we are very satisfied with the results.  We’re happy to recommend Planned Furniture Promotions and Mr. Roy Hester and his company to anyone who’s interested and has need for such an event.

Thank you very much.