Many furniture retailers are ready to reinvent their business model but don’t know how to accomplish it. WE DO!


What If?

You Could Relieve Financial Pressure By Paying All Of Your Bills AND Get A Fresh, New Start?

Many retailers think loans are the solution, when, in most cases, additional debt causes more problems without solving the underlying factors that continue to plague the business. Others have learned that “you can’t save your way to success.”

The real issue is that many independent retailers have tired business models that can no longer compete in today’s retail marketplace.

At Planned Furniture Promotions, we hear you!! We have a solution for you that will help you stay in business. It’s called “What If?” and the reception from retailers has been outstanding.

What If?

You Could Reinvent Your Business!

We can help tailor a viable new business model that is just right for you.

Turn Your Inventory Into Cash & Provide You With Debt Relief

PFP offers a variety of approaches that can quickly convert your equity into cash. At a moment’s notice, PFP’s consultants will be in your store to discuss the details.


Generate Remarkable Sales Volume

Enjoy the revenue and excitement provided by TWO MAJOR EVENTS. One a “Transition Event,” and the other a “Grand Opening” event (the two largest volume producing events in our industry).

Experience Huge Volume

A PFP event can produce from 1-3 years’ volume, and profit in 90-120 days.


Enjoy Peace of Mind and Continued Dignity In Your Community

PFP and its quality staff of professionals operate with experience and integrity, taking great care to maintain your image and standing in your community.

Help is only a phone call or click away!