Robert Parrish, Bob’s Furniture Gallery Transcription

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would you say?

Robert Parrish, Bob’s Furniture Gallery

My name is Robert Parrish. I was associated for about 30 years with my dad’s furniture company named Bob’s Furniture Gallery. I was primarily active in it approximately 20 years ago and got reactivated in it about 3 or 4 years ago after his death.

My brother Mark Parrish ran the business and we sold …. high end furniture business in a town of Joplin, MO which was hit by a Tornado. After the Tornado hit we were pretty devastated not only in Joplin but it put a big dent in our gross sales and we made a decision that the high end portion of the furniture business was probably not the place to be and that when we decided to go out of business. My brother chose PFP he said they were big, nationally known and they came down and made us an offer as they said they would and basically they followed up on everywhere on their offer. While our sale was not the most profitable sale they ever had I’m sure. They worked their butt off and did what they said they do. There was a sales manager named Brandon, a salesman named Kim and some staff named Anna and Jimmy. Those people were just wonderful and basically everything went smooth. I wish the time would have been in a little bit in a different bracket of business but that’s not the way it was. They did come down…. There well financed, well managed and they probably did 3 to 4 million dollars’ worth of sales in 6 months where our normally average would have been around 2 million or maybe even a little less in a year. We did get the store cleaned out and everything was smooth.
If I were to find myself in this position again which I am sure I won’t but for those people who finds themselves in a position where their stores not bringing the cash flow it needs to bring in to viably remain open I would suggest contacted them at an early moment rather, than a later moment because if it is way too late you are going to waste a lot of money of your own. Get in and get out be done be over. I would certainly recommend these people to anybody.