Sal DiSiena Furniture Testimonial for PFP Planned Furniture Promotions

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Sal DiSiena:

Hi, my name is Sal DiSiena. I'm with the DiSiena Furniture in Mechanicville, New York. We've been in business for over 70 years.

We recently used PFP to help us do a Going Out of Business. It was very successful and we're very happy with the results. We are a second generation family-owned business. We really had no heirs that were coming into the business, and so we came to a point where we felt that it was time to retire. People that they brought in were very professional, very helpful. They knew what they were doing, they were very accommodating. We felt we actually could not have done it without the added staff that they brought in. It was very beneficial.

We came to a crossroads several years ago where we had a bridge closure that didn't allow traffic to come to the town. It was a tractor-trailer detour, which actually affected the business. We lost 30% of the business and we wound up into getting behind paying our bills. We were into a serious amount of debt, which was one of the considerations why we decided to dissolve the business. We went ahead and they then helped us financially to meet our bills, and to run a very successful sale.

The sale went way beyond what they had expected. What they were going to do, when it first started it was questionable, because it was the end of summer, and we went into the fall. So when it got underway, we wound up exceeding our expectations by almost double. We would highly recommend PFP. We used a couple of other outlets for some planned promotions and by far PSP was the best one. I would highly recommend them.