Scott Leishman, Leishman Interiors Company Testimonial

This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another
retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would
you say? 

Scott Leishman, Leishman Interiors in Albuquerque, NM

My name is Scott Leishman. I am the owner of Leishman Interiors in Albuquerque, NM. We have been in business incorporated in Albuquerque, NM since 1974, which is our 40th year as of 2013.
In the last five years, our business has suffered greatly due to the market, the housing market and the economy. As a family owned business, we had many concerns about staying open. We also had made a decision over a year and a half ago to proceed with some kind of liquidation sale, and to go out of business.
In a six month period, we have talked with two different liquidation, GOB companies that we had heard about through advertising or some other form, through other companies that had done this. We were not impressed with those companies. I had talked to a couple of representatives from them, one of them on the phone and one of them in person. I did not feel good about using them.
Through a referral of a representative in my industry, in the furniture business, we were given a call by Andrew Winans, who represents Planned Furniture Promotions, and we sat down and talked, and within an hour of that time, I knew that this was the right company for me to be involved with as far as our forty year business, that he would handle it professionally, and I knew it was the direction we wanted to go in.
Our sale started after Black Friday, and I was concerned about the advertising, the response that we
were going to get. We started our sale, and it was an Anniversary Sale at first. That was the promotion
that they wanted to start with. I was so impressed with the professionalism in every concern that
Planned Furniture Promotions started with ended up the sale over a three month period after that. It
totally met my expectations. It was very successful for me. It met every expectation. I was completely satisfied with the results.
There is an expectation that you have, being in a higher end furniture store and design business that we were in, that the concern might be that our customer base would be disappointed in a liquidation sale or a going‐out‐of‐business sale, and the product that we would have, and also keeping my name and our family name in a good rapport with the city and the long‐lasting reputation we have had in business. I can’t think of one time, during our sale, that there was a serious problem that didn’t get resolved immediately that we had with any of our customers. I believe that I could go on in this industry if I needed to in Albuquerque, and that reputation would not be hurt.
The time that I have been in business, I’ve never met a more professional crew of men and women, who has come into my store, who have such a great knowledge of the furniture business. Most all of them have had experience in the home furnishings business themselves or have worked these promotions for years and years.
I believe they’re very knowledgeable. They don’t do other kinds of liquidations. They’re called Planned Furniture Promotions. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to do some kind of a liquidation or going‐out‐of‐business sale.