This is our primary goal

Q: I’ve heard that high impact events never make money for the retailer. Is that true?

A: No, it’s not true. PFP can provide dozens of case studies showing outstanding profits over the course of an event. It’s important to determine what your event company’s motivation is. Are they only there for the fee, or do they want to ensure success via strong staffing, creative marketing, budget adherence and by maintaining strong margins? That’s what Planned Furniture Promotions does!

Q: We were told that promoters mark up to mark down, is that true?

A: Yes, many do, but not Planned Furniture Promotions. We work to maintain your company and personal credibility and integrity throughout the event.

Q: What will happen to my salespeople and staff during the event?

A: We will look to you for input on the quality of each sales and store employee. If you feel they can keep up with the pace, we’ll use them in your event! Most prior clients will tell you that the quality and closing power of the local staff actually improves over the course of the event.

Q: Our store has been struggling to pay our bills. How can we get started?

A: PFP may provide funds to kick off and maintain the sale. This is one of the keys to our success.

Q: How much business will we do during our event?

A: PFP has conducted sales with outstanding results, far in excess of our clients hopes. We often achieve one year’s business in about 90 days. Perhaps the more important question should be, “How much profit can we expect to make during the sale?” This is the PFP goal… to create volume, but do it profitably!

Q: Will our ads be those crazy ads that we’ve seen for GOB sales?

A: We match the ads to the retailer for whom we are conducting the sale. In almost every case, the ads are more promotional than normal, but not offensive.

Q: What types of events does PFP manage?

A: Retirement, Store Moving, Store Closing, etc. There’s really no limit to what we will consider, as long as it’s 100% legitimate in the consumer’s view.

Q: What other services does PFP offer?

A: PFP offers a variety of services, including; Consulting, high-impact short-term themed events, capital lending, licensed rug galleries, staffing resources and more.

Q: Will PFP buy my inventory?

A: For many companies, yes, PFP can fund the value, in ADVANCE!

Q: Will PFP buy or help me sell my real estate?

A: Yes, we can help. We have been extremely successful using our unique real estate marketing methods. Call for details.

Q: What about product?

A: In these events, having the right product is critical for success! We have the best merchandisers in the business – bar none! With years of experience and incredible buying power, we can provide the best lineup of product at the most competitive pricing for your event. Also, we take the risk. If something doesn’t sell, we deal with it.

Q: What is the duration of an event?

A: That can vary by community and type of store and/or sale. Usually, it’s about 90 to 120 days.

Q: What’s my role, as an owner, during the event?

A: You will never have to leave your store (unless you choose to). The pace is exciting and you will love seeing your store filled with people… that are ready to buy! PFP has a variety of programs for owners, we can find one that’s perfect for your event.