Our Process: How PFP Does It

“Partners in Profit” Event

PFP can assume responsibility for all operational and financial aspects of the sale at your location.

PFP will:

  • Provide the services of their experienced team of professionals. These professionals are not only at the Sale location, but also work behind the scenes in merchandising, freight services, advertising and promotion, as well as accounting services. You literally benefit from the services of an entire company when you choose PFP for your event.

  • Utilize the capabilities of their in-house advertising department.

  • Make available their volume buying power and contacts with manufacturers and importers to provide a successful merchandising mix and value. Virtually no competitor can offer the values and volume buying power that PFP can.

  • PFP can pay you for your inventory in advance. Some may call this “buy” your inventory up front.

  • PFP can assume responsibility for all operating expenses of the sale.

  • PFP can guarantee a broom-clean facility with no unwanted inventory remaining at the conclusion of the sale.

  • PFP can guarantee that you will suffer no loss. You can share in net profits, without risk!

  • Straight Fee-Based Sale Promotion

    PFP can provide an experienced management and sales team to CONDUCT THE SALE FOR YOU!

  • Often, PFP’s team can be on your location in a matter of days to assist you in all aspects of conducting an event.

  • This includes: merchandising, display, pricing, advertising, sales, delivery and service.

  • In addition, PFP can offer any necessary experienced administrative and warehouse specialists to enhance the success of the sale.

  • PFP’s volume buying power, resources and advertising expertise will also be available to you, to further ensure profit and success.

  • For the variety of quality services provided to you, PFP will operate under a competitive consulting fee structure and your company is responsible for all expenses of the sale.

  • Experience and Resources

    PFP is unmatched in the high-impact sales business. Like all firms, we advertise in the trade papers, the internet and by building our brand through sponsorships. We evaluate and track the source of our clients. Even with all of our marketing, nearly 90% of our clients come from personal recommendations, normally from former clients. The reason we¹re the number one company in promotional events is, our goal is to help our clients meet their goals. Our culture is unique in this business. When we meet with a client, we review their goals, their expectations and we discuss how we can help them, not serve our own needs. Since 1962, PFP has provided the highest level of service to our clients.


    The most experienced and entrepreneurial Event Coordinators. Many have 30 years or more experience in this field. We often say, “Our People Make the Difference.” We are true merchants! We have relationships with hundreds of vendors that we work hard for the very best values, that will yield the highest margins in events we conduct. Our advertising is creative, unique and geared specifically for each event. Significant in-depth planning is done for weeks prior to breaking an event (many companies arrive on Monday and break their event on Thursday). We have team leaders that serve in all roles and support our events. These professionals include merchandising, on-site visual, marketing, logistics and operations. PFP provides high-level oversite from the partners in our company.

    Experience Huge Volume

    A PFP event can produce from 1-3 years’ volume, and profit in 90-120 days.